About Us

About Us

Originally from Perth, Managing Director Jarrod Poole initially started in the Sales and Marketing Industry in 2003. Growing up, Jarrod was into his sports and worked in Construction for a number of years. He always knew he wanted to be successful but all he needed was a vehicle or a pathway where he could build his dreams. Initially, Jarrod got involved with sales, with the goal of improving his communication skills. Over time he realised he had found his passion and took the opportunity to move to the Gold Coast, where he could expand his skills and built the foundation which would be the beginning of Taipan Marketing!

Over the last 5 years, Jarrod has expanded the business from the Gold Coast into Melbourne and Far North Queensland. As his passion continues, of working with people and coaching others on reaching their potential, the business is set to continue its growth nationally and internationally.

Our Culture

At Taipan our objectives are simple;

  • To deliver for our clients, we pride ourselves on our effective sales techniques and our ability to always deliver.
  • Give our customers the highest level of service.
  • Provide opportunities for our people both in education, personal developments, and career progression opportunities.

Core Values

At Taipan our objectives are simple;

  • Treat people like people
  • Embrace Challenges
  • Say it, do it
  • Never give up

"We look for people who value above all Honesty, who believe Attitude is the key to success, through it all keeping your Integrity and Work Ethics high.
We value Self-Development in our people, and believe Networking is essential to any successful venture."

Our Work

As a nationally recognised sales company, our professional, highly trained sales team is experienced in working face-to-face with our clients and customers. With over 25 years in working with Australia’s largest humanitarian organisations Taipan prides ourselves on recruitment, hire, and training of the right people to reflect our client’s needs, and provide great results.

The Team

Sales Marketing Manager
Eamon Anderson

Eamon Anderson

Managing Director
Jarrod Poole

Jarrod Poole

Sophia Hannon

Sophia Hannon

Our Staff

As Taipan works with some of the biggest humanitarian organizations we demand to have the best people working with us. We firmly believe it’s our people that make the difference and in an ever-changing and demanding business environment, these values provide the focus we need to sustain a culture of high performance and delivery from our team to ensure we remain the leading sales and marketing company in Melbourne.

The Office

Our office is based in South Melbourne, boasting to have a café and roof top lounge on site. Culture is very important to us, so we are proud of the environment we have created, and strive to ensure Taipan Marketing is a leading example for corporate culture. As we help our clients expand, we are constantly provided with opportunities to travel into incredible locations throughout Australia and Internationally. At Taipan, we believe in empowering people through constant learning, development and networking.


Our career progression opportunities consist of 5 phases

Establishing Sales Performance​

Regardless of prior experience, everybody who starts in the business begins their training with Phase One of the Learning Development Program. You will be introduced to Sales Development and training will start in regards to making a good impression, and building onto your customer service skills.

Proficiency in Sales and Leadership

On entry to Phase Two, the individual has shown a proficiency in sales and customer service. Phase Two includes, the interaction with different types of customers and establishing your independence. Learning to setting and achieving goals whilst working to a system with the introduction to the principles of sales coaching.

Development of Team and Leadership Group

Personal Development is the key focus for Phase Three. Before we give you the option to start developing others, you need to develop yourself. In this level we focus on building confidence, while also giving you the necessary skills to coach and manage others. The development process includes, expanding your comfort zone, whilst enhancing your business knowledge. You will be mentoring a small group of about 2-3 people, we will assist you to run sales training sessions and help with the planning and organization of your team.

Development from Assistant Owner to Owner-Partner

By now, you would be coaching and developing at least four people. At this level, you will have a more prominent standing in the Marketing Company. Now you will be creating success in others, through following and implementing a system. You will be having your first introduction to management which will see you doing public speaking roles, administrative requirements and you will be spending more time with the managing director to learn how they run their business.

Development from Owner-Partner to Marketing Company

Once you reach Phase Five, you will be spending increasingly more time working alongside your Managing Director. You will help in various areas of the business, as well as having the opportunity to share in the profit of the Marketing Company. You will also be working closely with the administration team, developing an understanding for the recruitment process, and gaining knowledge in financial budgeting and money management. Performance is constantly evaluated at this level and certain sales criteria’s must be regularly achieved.

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